Parking Lot Management

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Mac's Towing is located in Mission BC Canada

Mac's Towing is proud to service Commercial Accounts for local businesses, schools and recreation centers. We provide towing services for illegally parked, and/or abandoned vehicles on private roadways, driveways and no parking or fire zones. We will tow these vehicles away and impound them at our storage facility according to local statutes and laws.

Do not let illegally parked vehicles interfere with your business! Having parking available for your customers is a key to success. Please call us to discuss how we can help secure your parking.

Macs’s Towing uses state of the art radio dispatching and satellite tracking to ensure the quickest response time to all calls.

With this technology we can also monitor your property more efficiently so your tenants or customers will always have parking. Mac’s Towing is the only towing company in the Fraser Valley with this capability. Our fleet of damage free wheel lifts and flat beds is also the largest of all towing companies in the Fraser Valley.

Residential Services

Mac’s Towing offers many different types of services; our most basic call service is a simple way of managing small parking areas. Additionally, larger parking areas or those in highly congested areas will benefit from our patrol service. Let us be responsible for keeping your valuable tenants parking spaces open and available all-day, every day.

Mac's Towing will supply you with all the parking permits you need and monitor the lot free of charge. We can even do a combination of the two; some building owners choose to have their lot on call during the day and on patrol at night time. Whatever your situation, we will work with you to find the best fit for you.

Commercial Services

Mac's Towing and Parking Lot Management has customizable services for stores, restaurants, warehouses, and factories. Parking is a very valuable amenity and customers look for it, if there is no place to park they might go elsewhere to spend their money. Don't let that happen to you! Let Mac's Towing keep your parking open to YOUR customers! After all you are the one paying the real estate taxes!

Parking is a very valuable commodity, so why have other nearby shops reap the benefits of having parking that you pay for. Call us so that we can work with you to keep your parking your parking!